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Help me locals!

This is a destination wedding for me, as the groom and I live in Los Angeles.

And I'm talking about hair. Any alternative hair stylists in Cincinnati or within 30 miles of cincinnati?

I'm probably going to do my extensions and coloring here but I'll need someone there who is very talented with more alternative hairstyles, funky colors, extensions, synthetic hair, crazier updos.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you!
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go to google maps. search for businesses....and type in "hair salons" in cincinnati.

I'm getting married in Vermont and I was able to find a few hair people and actually set up an appointment and everything! i love the internet!!!
Thanks, I know to look in the yellow pages but what I was hoping for was recommendations, especially since most places in the phonebook or internet phonebook don't differentiate from the common supercuts type place to someone who knows how to properly put in a weave and synthetic dreads.

I'm looking for the funky hair stylist, which seems to be difficult to google for.

Good luck with the wedding in Vermont, it's very pretty out there.
thanks! we're really looking forward to our trip!

i thought maybe if you could google something, you could find a phone number of a place and maybe they could recommend something for you :)

but good luck to you as well....and best wishes!!!
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