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stuck and frustrated

im feeling really stuck lately, the stress from the court date (child custody of my oldest daughter Nicole her dad and i have a "shared parenting plan" everyother week we alternate) in 2 weeks (march 19th) the wedding thats going no where, and the eating constantly. ive gained more weight, im up to 220, and nothing is fitting.

we have about 6.5 months to go till the wedding, and basically ive picked my bridesmaids, ordered the cake, have a dj, picked the groomswomen, and started work on my custom made dress. thats about it, we know where we are having the wedding, but we havent paid for it yet. we got the dishes for the buffet, picked a theme, got some fake leaves for the bouquets and cake. but we still have a million things to do. decide on a menu, pick outfits for attendants, have an attendants meeting ( i want it to be this weekend but i dont know how likely that will be) to pick said outfits. find a burgundy crinolin, find a suit for Craig that is a blak pinstripe that fits him and doesnt cost a million dollars (figuratively), find a long enough isle runner for me to walk from the vehcle that we choose for me to show up in to the alter of the North. (we're pagan and having a handfasting) figure out how to hang video screens for the reception, table decorations, favors, shoes, under garment (belly tucker panties) garter, arch way for the alter of the North,

ad the list goes on, flowers UGH there is so much to do and so little time to do it!!!!!!!

and Craig keeps saying " sept is a long ways away we have plenty of time" NO WE DONT!!!!!!!!!!!

im sorry 6.5 months is a very short period of time and we have so much to do and so little time to do it in. half the time i cant even think straight.

im stuck i dont know what we should be doing, i kno i need to pick and order invited and get them going but i cant get Criag to sit with me and pick some out, then decide on a wording and blah blah blah

"why cant we just send out emails like X and Y did??" because im sorry its a little tacky, X and Y sent out real invites but only to those that they didnt talk to every other day, and besides thats your brother and he knew we didnt have room for such memorabilia so he email us instead. UGH i dont want to do that but he is pushing me about it, i told him that i will do some STD's like that to those that dont know wabout the date and such.

so guys what am i supposed to do? where should i be heading now? what should i be doing at 6.5 monthes to go? sept 15th is the day, and i dont know whats going to happen if we dont get on the ball.


(X-posted to alternative_wed, plussizebride, ohioweddings, 2007weddings sorry to flood)for those in ohioweddings im in Columbus to make this legal sorry
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