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here i am, 2 months later, with pictures from my wedding. i tried to narrow it down... but there were so many pictures i loved.

the wedding was at Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland. the reception was at the Marriott at Key Center. if anyone of you are in the Cleveland area and want more info on anything you see, let me know and i can give you contact numbers or whatever. :)

2 of the groomsmen, waiting on our moms.

this is how lucky i am.

this one is awesome cause you can see the church really well.

"you may now kiss the bride..."


i had my grandpa with me the whole time.

our rings.

this one is going in the paper.

the whole wedding party, minus a shy flower girl.

my dress.

the first dance.

father/daughter dance.

cake cutting.

he smashed cake on my forehead, so he licked it off. haha

some time during the reception.


this is one of my favorites.

my parents. this one gets me every time.

this is how you know you had a great reception.

this is x-posted, obv. so i'm sorry if you've seen it like a million times. haha
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