kaputla (kaputla) wrote in ohioweddings,

Deaf guests

I was wondering if anyone planned to have an interpreter for their wedding? Or has ever attended one with an interpreter? My parents are both deaf as are a few of my Aunts and Uncles. I'm trying to figure out where an interpreter could stand so my guests could see both me AND the interpreter. I'm probably going to say and sign my vows and possibly teach my fiancé to do the same but I'd like to have someone interpret the rest.

Any thoughts/ideas/experience to share?

Xposted for sure.
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I think I'll be able to find someone pretty well. I was just trying to see if anyone had first hand experience with attending a wedding that had an interpreter. Although I hadn't researched the area very much so thanks for giving me the list of interpreting resources!

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how about designating an area for those who would like an interpreter and keep that reserved so that you don't have to place the person out front and central to be seen by the entire room. That way you worry just about one angle of vision.