Tiffany (rkitty) wrote in ohioweddings,

my intro

Name: Tiffany

Bride or Groom: bride

Wedding Date: I wanted to do May 20, 2008 (because it's the date right between our birthdays) but that's a Tuesday I believe, and I'm not sure all the guests would be available so we may go for the weekend before, or after.

Where in Ohio: Probably near Defiance

Theme and or colors: All I know is that I want pink. I'm not sure what else, maybe just other shades of pink. Is pink good for a May wedding?

Anything else you want people to know: I've never been to a wedding before, let along helped plan one, so any tips or dependable businesses to use in my area (again, near Defiance) would be helpful :) I'd love to talk to anyone who had a low budget but pulled off a great wedding/reception too.

I'd love to stay at the Hideaway Inn b&b in Bucyrus for our honeymoon, but I've read mixed reviews of the place. Has anyone stayed there?
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