Tiffany (rkitty) wrote in ohioweddings,

my intro

Name: Tiffany

Bride or Groom: bride

Wedding Date: I wanted to do May 20, 2008 (because it's the date right between our birthdays) but that's a Tuesday I believe, and I'm not sure all the guests would be available so we may go for the weekend before, or after.

Where in Ohio: Probably near Defiance

Theme and or colors: All I know is that I want pink. I'm not sure what else, maybe just other shades of pink. Is pink good for a May wedding?

Anything else you want people to know: I've never been to a wedding before, let along helped plan one, so any tips or dependable businesses to use in my area (again, near Defiance) would be helpful :) I'd love to talk to anyone who had a low budget but pulled off a great wedding/reception too.

I'd love to stay at the Hideaway Inn b&b in Bucyrus for our honeymoon, but I've read mixed reviews of the place. Has anyone stayed there?
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this community is so dead :(

pink is perfect for may!! :) I helped plan low budget weddings, my cousin needed help :) im not sure where defiance is or what is available there but do you have a budget set yet?
I'm not sure what our budget is yet, but I'm pretty sure it isn't gonna be very high. Mark says his family will want to help a lot, so I'm sorta counting on that. My family isn't likely to be able to help at all.
Oh, and Defiance is in NW Ohio. Seems like most of the people here are in every other area lol.